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Full size nursing pocket clipboard from WhiteCoat Clipboards. Unique design allows you to fold the clipboard in half for storage in your pocket. Made of lightweight aluminum with the ability to carry 30 pieces of paper without a crease while at the same time securing all your medical information or important documents inside. Carry patient assessment forms, nursing protocols, medication lists, and all your documentation in a HIPAA secure clipboard. The clipboard also functions as a quick medical reference guide with detailed day-to-day information such as basic laboratory values, acid base determination, injection sites, pain scale, and much more. To see all the nursing specific information on this clipboard, hover over the clipboard images above to display high resolution details.
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Complete labeled illustrations of over 1,400 anatomical identifications.
Price: $6.95
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Learning and naming the many parts and systems of the human body can be a daunting task for student nurses, as well as for other students preparing for careers in the various scientific and medical professions. This highly original book helps make learning a great deal easier. Hundreds of anatomically accurate line illustrations show human body parts and readers are encouraged to shade them in with colored pencils. It's a simple physical task intended to imprint on students' memories the shape and location of each body part, making later visualization and memory retention much easier. The book has a spiral binding hidden beneath the cover's spine so that pages lie flat for easy coloring.

Other features include:

  • Tabbed chapter openers for quick reference
  • Extra-heavy paper that minimizes show-through
  • Every body system and part is presented
  • All parts labeled with correct anatomical names An extra feature is a set of eight transparent overlays illustrating the human body. They simulate the peeling away of layers of tissue to reveal anatomical features, such as muscles, bones, organs, and circulatory system. The overlays are bound into the book with "scissor-perf" lines that show students where to cut. The Anatomy Student's Self-Test Coloring Book is a must-have learning tool for all students and practitioners who require detailed anatomical knowledge. In addition to a substantial and instructive text, it features 144 two-color pages and 32 additional pages in full color.
    Price: $24.99
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    This 6-page guide is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams with blank labels for a true test of your knowledge. Includes detailed blank-labeled diagrams of: skeletal system, vertebral column & bone structure, skull, vertebrae & nerve structure, lymphatic network, respiratory system & nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system & viscera,colon & urinary system, male & female reproductive system, circulatory system & blood circuits,posterior heart, anterior heart, circulation, nerves & arteries , muscles, deep muscles & muscles of the head, brain (sagittal section) & surface brain, brachial & sacral plexus,hip ligaments, components of the finger,hip & sciatic nerve,knee ligaments, front & back, head: eye, ear, nose & mouth, skin, ear interior, anatomy of the hand and foot.
    Price: $6.95
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    This handy field resource is an invaluable tool for any ALS provider who needs accurate, easily accessed information about patient medication. Features updated drug profiles of more than 100 of the most commonly used emergency medications, including 13 new drugs for this edition. Contains a home medications list with classifications for quick reference in the field. Convenient index allows rapid search by either trade or generic name.
    Price: $37.50
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    Identify normal and abnormal heart sounds to aid in diagnosis with the help of this virtual auscultation cd.
    Price: $32.95
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    Handy 6 page laminated reference to the most important lab values for nurses to know. Get this guide when you start nursing school and review it often. By the time you take the NCLEX, they will be committed to memory. Lamination means it will last the lifetime of your career. Paper-thin, so you can keep it with your clipboard or at the nurses’ station for referencing a value faster than using the Internet.
    Price: $6.95
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    Essential academic skill requirements covered for the TEAS test for entry into Nursing School, all in 6 laminated pages. Many people have underestimated this test their first time around and had to take it again, do not be one of them. These 6 laminated pages are a guide to success. Nurses are some of the biggest fans of QuickStudy guides, so start your collection and get started on a new career.

    Suggested uses:

  • Students –study companion that can be reviewed any where and any time, to ensure you are keeping your goals in sight
  • Teachers/Professors – a roadmap for your students training to take the TEAS to start a Nursing career
  • Nursing Schools – a great opportunity to provide this tool for incoming students to help them pass the test and enter your program.
    Price: $6.95
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    Our thorough coverage of general nursing duties, including analysis and assessment techniques. Better organized information and detailed tables make this quick reference for nurses and students easier to navigate.
    Price: $6.95
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